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Why clients use us


We are an independent automotive testing company based in the UK with over 20 years experience working for many automotive manufacturers and tyre companies. We specialise in subjective and objective tyre testing at proving grounds worldwide. We are able to provide tailored customer testing packages and advise on development programs.

By working with numerous tyre manufactures on multiple original tyre development programs for numerous different vehicle manufactures and undertaking a large number of replacement market development programs has given us the experience and expertise to develop tyres for any market.   


With a fleet of vehicles specifically chosen to ensure we can deliver quality testing solutions in all the required disciplines, combined with our stock of test wheels, latest measurement equipment and our own tyre fitting facilities we can undertake testing programs at anytime, anywhere. Ray Collier, owner and director has worked with leading experts.

"We've work hard at Tread getting the approvals to deliver a service that prides itself on top customer satisfaction – getting the results you need. Not only being a leading test driver but also having a degree in engineering to provide a complete service, unique in this industry".

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