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Red Tablet


The RED Tablet is an exclusive, simple, portable test companion with integrated data acquisition, logger with step by step guidance throughout all tests. Created purely for the automotive testing industry. This easy plug and play device expertly record’s all test condition and result data with the capability for the data to be reviewed and exported easily. Carefully created by a test-driver for a test-driver.

  • Powered from the OBD11 Port

  • Support for most common VW and compatible vehicles (2012 onwards)

  • Simple plug and play setup

  • Bright ‘daylight readable’ and night mode display

  • Clear & reliable results able to be reviewed live on the tablet before exporting

  • Accurate data export & post analysis via USB stick with supplied Excel macro enabled visualisation tool

  • The tablet learns the track enabling easy, accurate and repeatable results

Built in tests include: 

  • Lap timer

  • Wet and/or dry braking

  • Aquaoplaning with built in wheel calibration

  • No need for external wheel speed sensors, reduces vehicle setup and tyre change over times


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