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Tread Ltd have our own UK based fully equipped workshop facility with state of the art tyre measurement and fitting equipment.

We ensure your tyres are correctly stored in a dry, UV protected temperature-controlled
environment in specialised tyre racking before they are comprehensively checked prior to mounting using our calibrated measurement equipment including:

  • Scales for tyre weight

  • Tyre tread depth

  • Shore A hardness

Tyre attributes are photographed and catalogued to ensure repeatability and replication of testing throughout tyre development programs.

We have our own comprehensive catalogue of test wheels to suit our fleet of test cars. All wheels are carefully selected to OEM criteria and managed to ensure repeatability during testing - we also have wheels to suit most major OEM and REM programs. For testing on vehicles outside of our fleet or for specialised wheels (promotional/ show purposes) we have access to preferential deals with suppliers. Our suppliers can refinish wheels in any style and colour to suit your requirements. Our relationship also gives us access to preferential rates for competitor/market analysis and purchase of tyres for all OEM and REM programs if required.

After analysis and documentation all tyres are fitted using the latest assisted tyre fitting machines in a controlled and clean environment with a specially selected and tested fitting medium, utilizing our tyre fitting equipment which is optimised with non-contact and soft touch tools to ensure tyres are not at risk during mounting, we also have a test wheel per tyre so no demounting and remounting occurs during testing.

Tyres are inflated to ETRTO regulation pressure using cleaned dry air with bead seating pressures documented if required.

We ensure all test assemblies are balanced using our calibrated wheel balancer to a tolerance of 0g per flange and use carefully selected 5g weight strips which are documented to enable your company to analyse the tyre build process.

All our test wheels are fitted with new wheel bolts from our comprehensive stock for each test to
ensure no risk of detachment during our vigorous on vehicle testing. During testing we use our own calibrated tools for fitting and removing wheels from the test vehicle.

After testing, tyres are environmentally recycled and using a sidewall cutting tool in conjunction with our vetted recycling partners the confidentiality of your new products is assured. All assemblies are then shipped with our transport partner in a dedicated shipment to assure our commitment to confidentiality and security is not compromised

Our workshop is also equipped with a 4 tonne lift with wheel free facility so we can assist with
vehicle set up and manage programs such as mileage accumulation and tyre durability testing.
Test and show vehicle preparation such as valeting, detailing for photoshoots/promotional videos and general cleaning in addition to servicing and ESP/CAN bus analysis is also carried out in our dedicated secure workshop.


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