In addition to standard Wet and Dry surface testing for All Terrain and Mud Terrain tyres Tread Ltd are market leaders in developing and testing All Terrain/Mud Terrain tyres in Off Road conditions, utilising a blend of magazine style tests and OEM procedures we have developed a full suite of tests to fully cover all aspects of AT/MT tyre development, we can provide subjective and objective tests to our benchmark standards and also tailored to the customers’ 
requirements for loose surface handling and multiple surface endurance tests to develop and benchmark tyre performance  from occasional use right upto hard-core off road purposes.

Subjective AT/
MT testing items


Loose surface handing balance and stability on multiple surfaces including

  • Jungle/Mud Road

  • Gravel

  • Sand/Silt

  • Rock

  • Grass

Hill climb directional stability on multiple surfaces including

  • Sand

  • Gravel

  • Rock

Objective AT/
MT testing items


Grass Traction
• Gravel Braking
• Rock Traction
• Sand Traction

Durability AT/
MT testing items


Cut and Chip abrasion tests on multiple surfaces including

  • Gravel

  • Rock

Grass Traction

Gravel Braking

Rock Traction

Sand Traction


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Ray Collier is unique in having an automotive engineering degree and first hand experience working for a prestige automotive manufacturer as Senior Tyre Development Engineer, in addition to working for a tier 1 tyre manufacturer as principle engineer responsible for major OEM development programs before starting TREAD Ltd to cater for all aspects of tyre testing and development utilising first hand experience from both sides of the tyre and customer process.

- Longitudinal aquaplaning

- Lateral aquaplaning

- Wet Braking

- Dry Braking

- Wet Handling

- Dry Handling

- Off road testing

- Snow/Ice Traction

- Snow /Ice Braking

- Snow/Ice Lateral grip circles

- Snow Handling

- Hill route/Off road snow handling

- Ice Handling

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