With experience working in Europe and China, coupled with exposure to North American and Korean tyre testing demands; we can undertake any REM development program.

We conduct Benchmark testing and Magazine Test Analysis. Assisting with magazine tests for leading organisations (including ADAC, Testworld and Evo magazine) ensuring your products are developed consistently when featured in these leading publication tests. We are correlated with leading magazine test drivers and have developed correlation factors to ensure our test locations align with proving grounds used by all leading publications.

We additionally undertake TUV pre-screen testing and development using the same criterial and methods as leading certification companies and guide tyre development to ensure when tested against reference tyres your products will gain accreditation.

We undertake test process development for leading equipment manufacturers and tyre manufactures by developing software and hardware for all tyre industry users - we are at the forefront of product development and have access to the latest equipment.


Tel: +44 (0) 7940 552434


Ray Collier is unique in having an automotive engineering degree and first hand experience working for a prestige automotive manufacturer as Senior Tyre Development Engineer, in addition to working for a tier 1 tyre manufacturer as principle engineer responsible for major OEM development programs before starting TREAD Ltd to cater for all aspects of tyre testing and development utilising first hand experience from both sides of the tyre and customer process.

- Longitudinal aquaplaning

- Lateral aquaplaning

- Wet Braking

- Dry Braking

- Wet Handling

- Dry Handling

- Off road testing

- Snow/Ice Traction

- Snow /Ice Braking

- Snow/Ice Lateral grip circles

- Snow Handling

- Hill route/Off road snow handling

- Ice Handling

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