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Summer tyre test itemS

Ray Collier is approved by multiple vehicle manufactures to provide test services and is correlated as a subjective driver to numerous OEM test drivers, In addition we have worked for and with a number of magazines and magazine test drivers and constantly monitor the market for test results and new developments to ensure we can provide not only OEM development programs but also REM development and magazine pre-screening to ensure your tyres success in any market.

Subjective Summer Testing

With over 20 years’ experience working with multiple OEMS and tyres manufacturers, our test driver Ray Collier can provide expert feedback  in all areas of tyre development for Dry and Wet  test conditions including all aspects required for subjective handling including but not limited to handling stability, steering feel, noise and comfort, Ray Collier understands the demands from both OEM and REM markets, additionally during wet handling we monitor lap times so we are able to feedback a measured data unit to assist your tyre designer and engineers on tyre performance and we are unique in being able to offer our own fleet of test vehicles with the ESP function removed to ensure we test to 100% of the tyres performance Tread ltd are unique in offering these services.

Objective Summer Testing

As a degree qualified engineer Ray Collier understands the requirements of utilizing the latest equipment to get accurate and repeatable data, we use the latest equipment from Racelogic including the V3i 100hz data logger and 3 axis IMU04 in conjunction with the vehicle CAN databus to measure steering angle, throttle position, engine RPM and individual wheel speeds to ensure 100% data capture and analysis, Tread ltd are unique in offering this service.


Tel: +44 (0) 7940 552434


Ray Collier is unique in having an automotive engineering degree and first hand experience working for a prestige automotive manufacturer as Senior Tyre Development Engineer, in addition to working for a tier 1 tyre manufacturer as principle engineer responsible for major OEM development programs before starting TREAD Ltd to cater for all aspects of tyre testing and development utilising first hand experience from both sides of the tyre and customer process.

- Longitudinal aquaplaning

- Lateral aquaplaning

- Wet Braking

- Dry Braking

- Wet Handling

- Dry Handling

- Off road testing

- Snow/Ice Traction

- Snow /Ice Braking

- Snow/Ice Lateral grip circles

- Snow Handling

- Hill route/Off road snow handling

- Ice Handling

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