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TREAD Ltd the development partner for ITMA, the Imported Tyre Manufacturing Association

With the sheer volume of rules and regulations affecting the industry, it is increasingly difficult for independent tyre brands to survive on their own within Europe. As the only trade association in Europe to exclusively represent the interests of imported tyre manufacturers, ITMA helps these brands compete effectively and as the only non-tyre manufacturer or supplier in ITMA Tread ltd are uniquely placed to ensure your products are correctly and fairly scrutinised in the competitive European tyre market ITMA works closely with other tyre industry associations, UK government departments and the European Union. It acts swiftly and effectively in response to any proposed regulations that are likely to impact or affect its members.

Tread Ltd are able to offer support and guidance for noise testing, EU tyre labelling, 3PMS snowflake testing, tyre durability and wear testing.

Our ITMA certification

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