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Red Tablet The only 1 Box solution
for Tyre Development

RED tablet has been developed to provide a simple, fast and effective solution for tyre development, with a key focus on simplicity and accuracy, it has been designed with the focus on removing the stress and cost from difficult tests. The user simply fixes the tablet to the vehicle windscreen and connects the cable to the OBD port, no further set up is required and all the data is exported via usb stick in Excel for easy data manipulation with all the results clearly displayed. The live test data is shown during the tests for added confidence.

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The only one box plug and play fully integrated Aquaplaning solution on the market, Developed with 20 years of experience to deliver accurate, fast repeatable results using the vehicles existing sensors via OBD port, requiring no set up or further equipment.

Delivers all major tyre test procedures, Aquaplaning, Braking, Lap timing and Acceleration tests compatible with VW group vehicles and expandable to BMW and other major brands at request.


Winner of Autocar Drivers of Change Digital Award 2021, judged by leading industry peers to be the best new digital technology in 2021 and has been adopted by Tier 1 tyre manufacturers.

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